Revive Your Lawn Terms & Conditions

  1. Revive Your LLC shall clean up all debris resulting from its work.
  2. I agree to allow Revive Your Lawn to have rights of advertisement including but not limited to photos or videos of my property before and after completion of the agreed work.
  3. It is understood that the price agreed upon herein does NOT include any possible expense found hidden or unknown contingencies found at the jobsite.  In the event of which such contingencies arise in which Revive Your LLC cannot perform contracted work, customer will be informed and a written estimate for the additional costs will be furnished to the customer.  Contingencies include but are not limited to the relocation of pipes, electric, drainage systems, wiring and conduit the presence of which could not be determined until after the contract was signed and dated.
  4. This proposal and agreement is subject to acceptance fourteen (14) days of the date of these documents.  Any oral agreements for additional work, materials or other items other are superseded by this Proposal and Agreement, and this Proposal and Agreement cannot be amended except as agreed in writing by Revive Your LLC.
  5. This Proposal and Agreement shall become a contract under the laws of the state of Illinois and will be a binding contract on both Revive Your LLC and customers.  Both Revive Your LLC and customer agree and acknowledge that this Proposal and Agreement shall be the entire agreement between the parties, and customer affirmatively acknowledges and agrees that customer has not and does not rely upon any oral statements, representations or words of Revive Your LLC.  No other agreements, oral or written, regarding the work to be performed or the price to be paid under this Contract exist between customer and Revive Your LLC.
  6. The parties mutually agree that with respect to any loss or damage that may occur to the premise, or any improvements thereto, or any other cause of which could be insured against the terms of any insurance policy, the party hereto carrying such insurance and suffering said loss hereby releases the other from any and all claims with respect to such loss and the parties further mutually agree that their respective insurance companies shall have no right to subrogation against the other party hereto on account of any such loss.
  7. Time and Delivery of installation: Customer understands that any estimated delivery and/or installation time is merely a best estimate of when performances can begin.  Revive Your LLC’s failure to execute contracted work by estimated time shall not be a breach of contract by Revive Your LLC.  Revive Your LLC shall not be liable in damage or monetary reimbursement to customer for any delay in Revive Your LLC’s performance for this agreement.
  8. This Proposal and Agreement is subject to expressed written approval by management of Revive Your LLC, and is not binding upon Revive Your LLC until same.
  9. Extra work and Change Orders:  Extra Work and change orders become part of the contract once the order is prepared in writing and signed by both parties.  Failure to comply with the requirements of this paragraph does not preclude the recovery of compensation for work performed based upon legal and equitable designed to prevent unjust enrichment.
  10. Limitation of liability: Revive Your LLC will not be held liable to you, customer, for any incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages.  Under no circumstances will Revive Your LLC’s liability to you, customer, exceed the amount you have paid under this contract.
  11. When Revive Your LLC, does any type of seeding or sod placement, it is done on a best effort basis, and there is no guarantee of growth or survival for any seeds or sod placed by Revive Your LLC.
  12. When Revive Your LLC, does any power washing or pressure washing, it is done a best effort basis and there is no guarantee of perfection or customer satisfaction.  Power washing and pressure washing will be done to the expectations of Revive Your LLC and not to the expectations of customer.  While power washing or pressure washing Revive Your LLC is not responsible for any damages to existing loose or damaged property, or any damages from excess water. 

Revive Your LLC - Revive Your Lawn Limited Warranty

Revive Your LLC warrants all paver & drainage installations and workmanship for 3 year from the date of the original installation date.  Any failure of workmanship during the warranty period will be repaired by Revive Your LLC at no additional cost to owner. Revive Your LLC warranty does not cover damages including but not limited to cracking, breaking, additional work or coatings done by others, movement or shifting, sub-base failure due to erosion by natural or man-made causes, hydrostatic pressure, efflorescence or mineral deposits.  Warranty is non-transferable and is limited to the original purchaser. Warranty does not include any materials not provided by Revive Your LLC.  Revive Your LLC makes no other warranty, expressed or implied. In additional all Unilock pavers are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee*, and all Paveloc pavers are backed by a Lifetime Warranty**.  Revive Your LLC warranty only exists if customer has completed agreed contract, is paid in full and has not worked on or altered work done by Revive Your LLC themselves or with other contractors.   ​
*Unilock provides a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of its paving stones to the original purchaser of the product for residential use.  Material installed using our installation guidelines that proves defective will be replaced without cost.  Color matching cannot be guaranteed. Revive Your LLC offers replacement labor for these defects.  Proof of purchase is required.  
**Paveloc Pavers are warranted to maintain their structural integrity for a lifetime.  Material installed by Revive Your LLC that chips, cracks or otherwise shows any structural deformity will be replaced.  There is no warranty for the occasional appearance of efflorescence.  This Warranty is extended to that original purchaser of the product installed for residential use.  Color match cannot be guaranteed and replacement labor is guaranteed by Revive Your LLC.  Paveloc Industries or Revive Your LLC cannot and will not be held responsible for compaction scuffs or burns on Paveloc paving stones.